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Tioti es una curiosa solución que pretende convertir internet en una televisión no solo personalizable sino también compartida con varios usuarios simultáneos.

Charlando con Paul Pod, el Co-fundador, descubro algunos detalles de la aplicación:

Se trata de un sitio que permite encontrar, compartir y descubrir espectáculos televisivos, proporcionando guí­as y resumenes de los episodios disponibles para facilitar la búsqueda.

Actualmente hay más de 1600 espéctaculos y más de 90.000 episodios disponibles, permitiendo a los usuarios seguirlos por rss, crear comentarios al estilo Wiki, saber lo que sus amigos están viendo en un momento determinado
Para los que queráis más detalles, os dejo la press release original que Paul me ha enviado recientemente.


23rd October, 2006: Aiming to become the leading gateway to TV
content online, TIOTI, the social media aggregator, is launching its
unique trusted one-stop source for TV content www.tioti.com,
following successful beta-testing with more than 10,000 users.

TIOTI is an online service that makes it easy to find, share and
discover TV shows. TIOTI aggregates content within a social
experience, indexing the available shows from a multitude of online
destinations and presenting all these viewing options in one place.

TIOTI adds useful tools, such as TV guides and episode data, with a
user friendly interface to find and manage your favourite TV shows,
and creates a user-driven community around television content. This
enables users to easily find, share and discover TV shows in a
completely new way.

The service currently indexes 1,600+ TV shows and 88,000+ episodes,
matching everything up with an ever-increasing number of content
sources. It also brings Wiki-style content editing, plus tagging and
RSS feeds to the users.

Paul Cleghorn, TIOTI’s UK founding partner, is a fan of US drama «The
West Wing», and became increasingly tired of waiting for the delays
in release between the US and UK. He began to seek out the episodes
on the internet, and found this a tiring and frustrating experience
because of the difficulties to identify listings for US
transmissions. This was the start of TIOTI.
«This is a next step from time-shifting your TV choices and goes
beyond «on demand» too. TIOTI takes care of the channel surfing for
you, acting like a giant personalised digital video recorder online.
Like TiVo for the internet if you like.» says Paul Cleghorn.

«We want to combine the best of Web 2.0 principles with a thorough
understanding of what people want and how the online TV space is
growing», continues Marc Colando, co-founder TIOTI, «pulling together
social networks, conversations, and aggregation of content from
multiple sources under a single unifying brand, TIOTI, serving one
specific media type, taking online TV to the next level.»

«The marketplace for online television is going to get dramatically
more segregated in the near-term as everyone from studios to AOL, to
Apple to Amazon as well as the individual TV networks offer their
slices of the media content universe. TIOTI has an immediate
opportunity to become a trusted one-stop source for TV in this
environment because of our country-, network- and source-agnostic
approach to aggregating content within a social experience,» he adds.

TIOTI is currently undergoing an initial round of funding for the
next level of marketing and technical development to the site.

Notes to editors:

TIOTI is a social media aggregator for television. We pull together
information sources about TV shows from all over the web, connect
that information with the full spectrum of download sources on the
internet and filter everything so that you and your friends can get
hold of your favourites as seamlessly as possible.

TIOTI also uses your favourite TV shows as a starting point to make
recommendations for new (and old) shows you might like. Each show and
episode can also be recommended to people, rated, discussed with
others, and you can see what shows other people like too.

TIOTI is based in Seattle and London. The company was founded in
2005, by Paul Cleghorn and Marc Colando.

About the founders
Paul Cleghorn, based in London, is a TIOTI co-founder .
Prior to TIOTI, Paul ran the design agency Neuromantics, and before
this held senior design positions at Poke, Razorfish, BT Research
Labs and Xerox.

Paul has over 10 years experience in visual design, information
architecture and design strategy. His passion for exploring the
future of TV and media is clear from his portfolio including
Aggregator.tv, Nokia, the BBC, Orange and Vodafone.
Marc Colando, based in Seattle, is a TIOTI co-founder.
Prior to TIOTI Marc founded and managed Interactive Planet, Inc.
where he led the development of internet and intranet environments
for clients including Bank of America, The Coca-Cola Company,
Earthlink, Equifax, Kodak, The US Marine Corps and Vodafone.

Marc has been a leading digital media innovator for more than 15
years. His early work with Scientific-Atlanta helped shape the
feature set and user experience for one of the world’s first fully
interactive set-top boxes and for first-generation cable modems.

About the technology
The TIOTI backend is built on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
Spring framework, leveraging open source products like Apache Tomcat
and MySQL. The backend also includes advanced content aggregation
engines that collect and categorise TV-based content from a wide
variety of online sources.

The TIOTI front-end uses the very latest AJAX methodologies to
deliver maximum speed and flexibility to the user experience. A WiKi-
style content editing engine makes all show and episode data editable
and outbound RSS feeds are active in almost every section of TIOTI.
User discussion board and on-site user-to-user messaging are also
active features.