QipIt – Escáner y fax en tu teléfono móvil (o cámara digital)

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Gracias a Qipit ya no necesitarás un escáner. Puedes fotografiar cualquier documento con tu móvil o cámara digital, enviarlo por MMS o correo electrónico a Qipit, o subirlo a través de tu cuenta en la página, donde convertirán la imagen que has enviado en un archivo pdf mucho más claro y fácil de leer (no por ser un archivo pdf en sí­, sino por el procesado que le aplican a la imagen), para luego poderlo guardar, o compartir ví­a fax o email.


Si estáis preocupados por si funcionará con vuestro teléfono, también disponen de una lista de compatibilidad.

Aquí­ podéis ver un ví­deo (en inglés, aunque es bastante explí­cito) de cómo funciona.

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  1. Qipit Free Online Service to be discontinued on December 6, 2009:

    Dear registered Qipit user,

    On October 25th, we first shared our decision to progressively shut down the free Qipit online service and stopped accepting new users. On November 9th we stopped processing new qipits and turned off most of the services functionality. On December 6th (Tomorrow, in most places) we will take the free Qipit online service completely offline.

    If you have any documents in your account that you would like to retain, you must login by midnight (PST) on December 6, 2009 (8 am GMT on December 7th) and download these documents to your computer. After December 6th your account will be closed and you will no be able to access them.

    Many thanks for having registered to Qipit. We greatly appreciate your trust and would like to remind you that, should you own a smart phone, Qipit White is currently available for the iPhone. Qipit White features most of the functionality that Qipit offered, with a clean, easy to use, and fast interface for instant copies of whiteboards, flipcharts and paperboards. We have even added sharing options that allow you to send or post documents directly to Facebook, TwitPic (for Twitter) and Evernote. Keep an eye on the Qipit website and the Qipit blog for announcements of more Qipit applications on more smartphone platforms.

    Many thanks,

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