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Adam Wulf me escribe hablándome sobre jotlet, el más nuevo calendario online que, basándose en la experiencia de uso de otros proyectos semejantes, nos permite mejorar algunas caracterí­sticas.

No solo se trata de un calendario bonito y rápido sino que permitirá también personalizar cada uno en función del tipo de calendario que se trate. Como ellos mismos quieren decir: las familias no lo usan de la misma forma que los estudiantes o los abogados.

Permite seguir los compromisos via RSS, encaminar tareas a otras personas, exportar en diversos formatos… y hacer todo ésto en español.
Aquí­ os dejo el mail original para los que queráis más información.

Jotlet Online Calendar at is a fun online calendar with a much different focus than most other calendar products. We have designed Jotlet to be easy to use, beautiful to look at, and extremely fast. We also plan to let users «customize» Jotlet through the use of something we like to call MagiCals (currently under development). MagiCals will tailor Jotlet to an individual’s own lifestyle and provide an easy way to track bills, classes and homework, meetings, projects, and even television shows. We understand that students organize differently than families, and families organize differently than small business, so we are designing MagiCals to fit the different needs of different people.

Over the past 9 months of development, we have focused on fine-tuning Jotlet’s core functionality, and we will continue to grow Jotlet’s feature set as we receive user feedback. We currently support the calendaring basics: Multiple color-coded calendars, events and tasks, calendar sharing, export, and email and cell phone reminders. Upcoming features include: the aforementioned MagiCals, delegating tasks to friends, invitation/attendee tracking, import/sync, a more robust export system, EVDB/ integration, RSS integration and notifications.

In a business sense, Jotlet was designed as a calendar base for custom application development. Due to its modular design, customizing the calendar for an individual company’s needs is fast, easy and affordable. From small businesses and schools to churches and doctor’s offices, anyone can fit Jotlet into their business process, not the other way around.

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