BubblePLY – Añadir bocadillos en un ví­deo online

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Llega BubblePly, site que permite añadir bocadillos a ví­deos online.

Tendréis que indicar la url del ví­deo deseado y, una vez cargado, poner las conversaciones adecuadas en los potagonistas.

El resultado es un link para el ví­deo modificado.

Parecido a BubbleSnaps pero con ví­deo.

fuente: Go2Web20.net

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Un comentario en “BubblePLY – Añadir bocadillos en un ví­deo online

  1. Hi,

    This is Ilan from BubblePLY.com. I’m sorry for the English, but I just wanted to firstly thank you for your post and tell you a bit more about our company.

    Did you know that besides offering the ability to layer bubbles on top of a video, BubblePLY can also be used to add subtitles, closed captioning and informative notes etc.?

    We at BubblePLY would like to invite you and your readers to experiment with us to see how many other interesting ways BubblePLY can be used.

    If you’re having trouble embedding our PLYviewer into your site, please check our FAQs (link – https://www.bubbleply.com/help.aspx).

    Finally, if you have any comments or questions please e-mail us: feedback@bubbleply.com

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